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Packed: Weekly Photo Challenge (Journey)

It’s sometimes difficult to shoot a photo within the week that gets on well with the weekly photo challenge theme. At that point, I find myself digging my archive if there is anything that fits. Unfortunately this week I could not benefit any of this solutions. So I decided to go googling searching for the term “suitcase”. Yes, suitcase in stead of journey :). I thought there was a good connection…

My entire plan was to get this photo photoshopped. People who follow my blog know it well that I am deeply into photoshopping sometimes even more than photography itself. So voila! There comes my latest product :) Packed and ready for a journey…

Packed: Weekly Photo Challenge (Journey)

Packed: Weekly Photo Challenge (Journey)

Oh by the way, in even less than a month time, I will be visiting Beirut (Lebanon) for a long weekend with friends. I could definitely get the best “journey shots” that time but it would be too late for the challenge :)


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Singer, songwriter, lyricist, youtuber and.... dentist :). Also a bit of graphic designer. Search for "Taquo" in spotify, itunes, deezer etc for my albums in various languages (english, turkish, french and spanish).


8 thoughts on “Packed: Weekly Photo Challenge (Journey)

  1. I like this picture very much. That suitcase looks like it’s done some hard traveling. When all is said and done, that’s how I want my bag to look; each scratch and scar a souvenir.

    Posted by atreegrowsinbklyn | 11/04/2012, 17:56
  2. That is a wonderful photo. The colours, the lines, the textures… I love it.

    Posted by Maggie L R | 11/04/2012, 06:09
  3. Lovely!

    Posted by scrapydo | 10/04/2012, 22:59


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