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I Feel Love: Weekly Photo Challenge (Summer)

Well, so we call it a challenge right? :) So for the weekly photo challenge this week with the theme “summer”, I’m going to share a photograph of Donna Summer who we lost couple of weeks ago. Obviously, I downloaded her photo from the internet and editted it with my everyday-iphone-apps in my own way … Okumaya devam et

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Dreamy Blue: Weekly Photo Challenge (Blue)

Weekly photo challenge this week somewhat arrived with a delay with a theme “blue”. Many thing might fit under this topic such as the sky, the sea/ocean etc. But I’ll stick with the first thing that popped in my mind. Blue Eyes, which I don’t have… But I have an iphone :) So I sat … Okumaya devam et

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Bottles: Weekly Photo Challenge (Together)

Honestly speaking, when I first saw the theme “Together” for weekly photo challenge, I thought it would be an easy challenge. There could be many things photographed together to fit the theme, almost perfectly. That was where I was wrong actually… having too many possibilities does not make it easier, especially if you are as … Okumaya devam et

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Rays – Weekly Photo Challenge (Sun)

The winter in Istanbul this year was tough… to say the least! We had a lot of rain and snow. April, however, saluted us with a warm weather, sunny most of the time but also (still) rainy. I could actually share a photo from a sunny spring day but I decided to go through my … Okumaya devam et

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Vintage: Weekly Photo Challenge (Two Subjects)

I’m kinda in a vintage mode these days :) – in a good sense – So for the weekly photo challenge with “two subjects”, my contribution will be a grungy arm-chair, an old-looking vase (in fact the vase is from 70’s) on somewhat worn-out paper. How about some bonus??? I rarely do double posting for … Okumaya devam et

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Packed: Weekly Photo Challenge (Journey)

It’s sometimes difficult to shoot a photo within the week that gets on well with the weekly photo challenge theme. At that point, I find myself digging my archive if there is anything that fits. Unfortunately this week I could not benefit any of this solutions. So I decided to go googling searching for the … Okumaya devam et

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Sea Through: Weekly Photo Challenge (Through)

Since this week’s theme for the weekly photo challenge is “Through”, I will be sharing with you two photos I took before and shared on instagram. This first one at the top is the one that gives this blog post its name: “Sea Through” ::: where you actually have a bit of sea view if … Okumaya devam et

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Born This Way: Weekly Photo Challenge (Unusual)

You think this rainbow coloured leaf is sick? Well, no! in fact it was born this way exactly like many others in the society who is actually “different” from the rest are not sick as well. Just like being gay, lesbian, transsexual, blond, blue-eyed, left-handed – being the minority is not a sickness. In fact whatever is … Okumaya devam et

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Distorted architectures: Weekly Photo Challenge (Distorted)

I was in fact planning to distort one of my photos and post it for the “distorted” weekly photo challenge this week until I realized how amazed I was looking at the photos of the new-age architecture. Although I am not happy about being surrounded by buildings around us all of which actually destroys whatever’s … Okumaya devam et

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Sweet & Shiny: Weekly Photo Challenge (Indulge)

I have been staying away from chocolate for a while, just to lose some weight and it was not helping to my kidney stone also. But there are times I indulge my desire for that sweet & shiny brown bar. It definitely makes a good subject for the weekly photo challenge this week, themed “indulge”… … Okumaya devam et

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