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Shots from Beirut – Weekly Photo Challenge (Unfocused)

The “unfocused” challenge this week was announced while I made a short visit to Beirut for the weekend. Obviously it’s going to be a good idea to share two of the shots that were not well-focused. Luckily I didn’t delete them :))

This first one is the moment the plane was landing.

Landing on Beirut

Landing on Beirut

I will share more pictures from the Beirut trip later (they are all “focused” :))… except this second unfocused photo I took at Bourj Hammoud (the Armenian district with lots of shops). We went to a local Armenian restaurant called Chief where they served really delicious food. If you happen to visit this part of Beirut, make sure to have at least one meal at this lovely restaurant. The photo is from the moment I stepped inside this shop and I could not focus well since I wasn’t checking the screen…

Chief - An Armenian restaurant at Bourj Hammoud

Chief – An Armenian restaurant at Bourj Hammoud

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Digital Artist, NFT Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer based in Barcelona. Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist and (tadaaa) Former Dentist :).


Shots from Beirut – Weekly Photo Challenge (Unfocused)’ için 10 yanıt

  1. The plane landing is nice/spectacular, etc. But photographers have become so good because of increased technique and amazing equipment that pics like this are unfortunately a dime a dozen. (I don’t mean that disparagingly, btw, just stating a fact.) However, the second picture is outstanding. I can’t believe it wasn’t planned. It’s colorful, mysterious, has character and begs the viewer to figure out the story behind it. I love photos like this, and good ones are NOT a dime a dozen. Wtg, Tarkan.

    Posted by Sandra Bell Kirchman | 08/05/2012, 20:16
  2. Nice photos! Thanks for the pingback too. :)

    Posted by Debbie@kindnesskronicles | 08/05/2012, 15:06
  3. The plane landing shot is very effective. I like it.

    Posted by Anita Mac | 08/05/2012, 15:05
  4. I like the plane landing. Nice!

    Posted by frenchtwistedwoman | 08/05/2012, 13:23
  5. Lovely choices for this challenge!

    Posted by mtlawleyshire | 08/05/2012, 12:58


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