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Anti-gravity: Weekly Photo Challenge (Launch)

Anti-gravity: Weekly Photo Challenge (Launch)

To be honest, this week’s theme for the photo challenge was quite challenging to me since there is actually no exact word that stands for “launch” in Turkish. Therefore I hope, levitating from the ground leaving your shoes behind will be a good expression for “launch” :)… well, even if it’s not, there it comes :)

Hint: There’s actually no jumping in this photo. I just had to lift my feet up and down continuously while the cam was in the burst mode to shoot several photos. All I had to do later was to pick the best shot and certainly apply some effects on it :) Eventually that is what I ended up with… You may click on the image to view it bigger.


About Taquo

I have been composing songs and singing since I was very little. But only recently I have decided not to keep them for myself but share them with the world. Eventually I released four singles in various languages (english, turkish, french and spanish).


18 thoughts on “Anti-gravity: Weekly Photo Challenge (Launch)

  1. What can be more fun than to float , jump or fly around ? Super cool photo!!!

    Posted by the island traveler | 12/01/2012, 15:04
  2. Loved the composition of your photo…clever!

    Posted by lifebydmagdalene | 12/01/2012, 09:42
  3. Smart approach. I like it! :-)

    Posted by eof737 | 11/01/2012, 22:42
  4. Very neat. I like your play with the colors.

    Posted by Cardinal Guzman | 11/01/2012, 21:25
  5. very creative image… :)

    Posted by hugmamma | 10/01/2012, 22:11
  6. Unique idea for launch. I hope it didn’t take too long. Thanks for the pingback.

    Posted by Caroline | 10/01/2012, 06:26
  7. I never thought about composing a picture that way. I always just take a shot. Clever!

    Posted by tmso | 10/01/2012, 02:18


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