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A Kiss Away: Weekly Photo Challenge (Celebration)

Today’s a big big day and a good reason to celebrate for me. Let me tell you why…

Apart from blogging, I’m also interested in music. Not only by means of listening but also writing the music, the lyrics and singing. I used to produce a lot once but for some reason I haven’t been doing anything for the last couple of years. I usually preferred computer-based softwares to make these songs and did all the recording at home, so obviously it was nothing professional but it gave me great satisfaction as well :)

Long word short, the reason for my celebration is today I’ve got a NEW one :)… And the weird part of it is I did it all on my iPhone 4 with the Garageband application. I must say it’s beyond my expectations and much easier to use compared to the one on my PC.

A Kiss Away: Weekly Photo Challenge (Celebration)

So this week for the Weekly Photo Challenge, I’m not only going to share a photo but also a song completely of my own. I named my new baby ” A Kiss Away”… I hope you enjoy! Can’t wait to hear your comments :)

ps. You may also listen to my previous uploads INHALING YOU and UNSAID here…


I wanna fade away
I wanna fade away into the night
When the night is still inside me
I wanna loose my soul right in your eyes

I’d never care about nobody
When you’re that part of me
I’ll lay my head on your shoulder
And just dream away

I love your eyes, I love your smile
I love you just the way you are
A thousand words, a breath away
And you’re a kiss away from my heart

I love your way, I love your style
I love to be the one you love
A thousand words, a breath away
And you’re a kiss away from my heart

About Hakki Fenerci

Digital Artist, NFT Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer based in Barcelona. Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist and (tadaaa) Former Dentist :).


A Kiss Away: Weekly Photo Challenge (Celebration)’ için 16 yanıt

  1. my brother in florida would love this

    Posted by omar yasseen florida | 20/02/2012, 10:09
  2. I love your site, but honestly tell you that you need more for him to monitor those who commented with your records.

    Posted by Health fitness | 03/01/2012, 13:47
  3. BTW, the song’s lyrics is just sexy according to my interpretation — and I like it! ;-)

    Posted by Sony Fugaban | 15/12/2011, 02:22
  4. Though your version of this week’s photo challenge is quite unique, you were able to justify it. I salute you on that, TKRN!

    Posted by Sony Fugaban | 15/12/2011, 02:20
  5. Nice song :)

    Posted by aRVee | 13/12/2011, 11:13
  6. Cool, very cool. You have a nice voice my friend :)

    Posted by aRVee | 13/12/2011, 11:11
  7. Congratulations on your reason to celebrate. The song is well done, music and lyrics. What a nice voice you have too!

    Just one suggestion. On the text of the lyrics, 2nd verse, last line, should be “and just dream away” according to the song anyhow (see, I listened :) ).

    Posted by Sandra Bell Kirchman | 13/12/2011, 01:26
  8. Wow – well done !!!

    Posted by Jo Bryant | 13/12/2011, 00:19


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