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A Whole Big Family: Weekly Photo Challenge (Family)

A Whole Big Family - Weekly Photo Challenge (Family)

What’s a family? Parents? Siblings? Children? Sons, daughters, grandmothers, grandfathers?

Or maybe friends…? maybe your pet? maybe someone special that you can share the very private secrets of yours? Maybe all of them… or maybe none?

What I personally get from a possible meaning of “family” is all the people living on this planet from different races, ethnicities, religions, sex, orientation or whatever you can think of since I believe we are all connected.

Aren’t we all a whole big family on this world afterall?

(Photo taken from internet and edited with the “tiny planet” application on iphone 4)

About Hakki Fenerci

Digital Artist, NFT Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer based in Barcelona. Singer, Songwriter, Lyricist and (tadaaa) Former Dentist :).


A Whole Big Family: Weekly Photo Challenge (Family)’ için 13 yanıt

  1. Mainly needed to submit and inquire where you acquired your template? I’m looking for one for my new wordpress blog and really appreciate yours. Thanks so much.

    Posted by Alia Colunga | 15/12/2011, 03:18
  2. Interesting photo.

    Posted by cocomino | 30/11/2011, 14:44
  3. the TINY PLANET software is great for this topic (instead of buildings as usual)!
    greetings by

    Posted by frizztext | 30/11/2011, 11:37
  4. Massive.. awesome shot! big everything in this one.. I’m a little Jelly.

    Posted by Mezza | 30/11/2011, 08:29
  5. thanks for the pingback Trkn….interesting pic!!

    Posted by A.M | 30/11/2011, 03:47
  6. Hey Thanks for the pingback :) Have a great day!

    Posted by Cardinal Guzman | 29/11/2011, 18:52
  7. very true and excellent thought….wish everybody thought that and there wouldn’t have been any wars!

    Posted by shoma abhyankar | 29/11/2011, 18:12
  8. Love this photo! Fun!

    Posted by Amy | 29/11/2011, 18:09


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