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Fall-ing in Love – Weekly Photo Challenge (Fall)

Well, I have been missing the latest two photo challenges since I was in Shanghai for a while. The first theme was “Fall”… In Turkey as well as in Shanghai, fall is coming on the way. By the time I was in Shanghai, the weather was OK but we had the clouds all the time. But in the photo below, I added some “rain” filter to make it look more like “fall”.

Fall-ing in love with Shanghai

So how about Shanghai… I confess, I FALL in love :) Great city, a totally different culture, lots to discover and worth visiting again in the future. In this country of “fakes”, it’s hard to beleive in the reality of the skyscrapers…


About Taquo

I have been composing songs and singing since I was very little. But only recently I have decided not to keep them for myself but share them with the world. Eventually I released four singles in various languages (english, turkish, french and spanish).


13 thoughts on “Fall-ing in Love – Weekly Photo Challenge (Fall)

  1. This is excellent… Your photo is one of the best I have seen of rain falling. wonderful..

    Posted by Maggie L R | 20/10/2011, 20:30
  2. Wow,awesome!!

    Posted by randomlyabstract | 09/10/2011, 12:25
  3. Wow, what a stunning shot!

    Posted by Patti Kuche | 07/10/2011, 01:02
  4. Nice editing with the “rain” filter. I think it added the perfect touch.

    Posted by thirdhandart | 06/10/2011, 21:45
  5. Very cool interpretation there. Thank for the pingback :)

    Posted by aRVee | 06/10/2011, 16:09
  6. What a great picture.

    Posted by Tilly Bud | 06/10/2011, 15:39
  7. I love the rain. The composition and the lighting in this photo is top notch. Beautiful shot.

    Posted by ceceliafutch | 06/10/2011, 14:00


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