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Fragile – Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

A baby, yet so fragile but equally safe in the refuge its mother has provided.

The outside world, yet unknown to him is so cruel and hard to survive. And once when he comes out, there’s no turning back.

This week for the “weekly photo challenge”, I preferred to photoshop an image of an unborn baby. The theme is “Refuge” so I guess it goes for it :) – obviously I didn’t take the shooting ;) I only did the photoshopping…


About Taquo

Singer, songwriter, lyricist, youtuber and.... dentist :). Also a bit of graphic designer. Search for "Taquo" in spotify, itunes, deezer etc for my albums in various languages (english, turkish, french and spanish).


9 thoughts on “Fragile – Weekly Photo Challenge: Refuge

  1. I love this interpretation of “Refuge” and what you did with Photoshop.

    Posted by flyinggma | 22/03/2011, 01:22
  2. This is a brilliant interpretation of the Refuge Challenge – best I’ve seen yet!

    Posted by barb19 | 24/02/2011, 23:27
  3. wow, what a great idea! I never thought about it before…. me too participating on DailyPost Challenge, u can check mine here : http://boisterousgirl.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/weekly-photo-challenge-refuge/

    Posted by Zura | 24/02/2011, 05:55
  4. i like your picture as well =)
    thank you!

    Posted by mschinhing | 24/02/2011, 04:56
  5. Thanks to Photoshop :)
    *I thought you captured it :mrgreen:

    Posted by yoriyuliandra | 24/02/2011, 00:59
  6. thanx for your comment!! and i thought that your idea of the baby was very clever!! didn’t think of that…

    Posted by Leila Jisr Moussa | 23/02/2011, 18:37

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